Tai Chi Chuan energy absorbing

Experimental tai chi: “Stealing The Fire From Adam” alternately, “Stealing The Breath From Man”.

Many taiji masters love showing Yang energy bursts, called “Fajin”. This video demonstrates Yin energy absorbing – the other side of the Yin/Yang taiji symbol.

Several of the The Thirteen Classics are demonstrated here, including:

One Part Moves, All Parts Move. One Part Stops All Parts Stop,

The Energy Must Be Smooth And Continuous – from posture to posture there can be no breaks.

The coiling of energy is like the twisting/reeling of silk.

If you pay close attention, you will see the tai chi whip, the coiling, then coiling out of energy from the lower dan tien, and “hidden fajin” or energy projection that appears and disappears seamlessly throughout the form.

Guang Rou Hsiang Ji, hard energy and soft energy seamlessly combine and separate.

The top video explains the energy drain technique briefly, and shows specific examples at the end of the clip. The bottom video is the first 2/3 of the form, with the energy absorbs done clearly, but without explanation.

After you watch the first video demoing “Stealing The Fire From Adam”, watch the bottom video and see if you can spot the energy absorbs as I play the form.

Thanks for watching.


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