Practice and Demo videos for 2015

Yin energy absorb/drain demonstration, September 2015

“Stealing The Fire From Adam”

Chen style taiji Hong Yilu August 2015

Chen style taiji Feng 24x

My Feng Experimental Chen Style Hunyuan 24x Yilu May 2015

@ Youtube

Unedited, @ Vimeo

The Hong Chen Style Taiji Practical Method Yilu

@ Youtube

Unedited, @ Vimeo

Shortened Rendition of Hong Yilu

Unedited, @ Vimeo

freestyle BaGua with palm changes i invented out of thin air, just for fun


Practice and Demo videos for 2013

Hunyuan practice at the De Young Museum, two hours before the start of Master Zhang’s class, February 2013 (the weekend that Vladimir Sidorov and Justin Meehan came to visit).

Four am practice session under the full moon. A Yang, Wu and Chen style demo.

Fa Jin demo

10 repetitions of the Hunyuan 24 Yilu, the morning of May 5, 2013. Ninety minutes of footage, some of it sped up to compress it under an hour. *Removed and Archived