Martial Arts Bio

TJThumbN1My particular path started during my teens with the “external” styles.  But from the moment I first saw taiji  being performed in the streets of Hong Kong during a visit when I was thirteen years old, I felt called to “internal” styles. By my early 20s, I had abandoned “weijia” training, to give myself over exclusively to “neijia” practices.

The following is a list of martial arts I have studied to various degrees, as well as some of my teachers, and others I have had an opportunity to train with:

(dates represent only the duration of my interest and practice of any given art)

American Kenpo Karate (1988-1990)

Jeff Hardy, Bodyworks Martial Arts Center Concord, NH

various teachers, Boys and Girls Club of Nashua, NH

Taekwando (1990-1993)

Frank Griffis, Green Mountain Taekwando, Bennington, VT

various teachers, YMCA, Nashua, NH

Uechi-Ryu Karate (1992-1995)

Sensei Joe Gilbert, Bennington, VT

Aikido (1992-93, 1995-98)

Sensei Roger Pratt, American River Aikido, Fair Oaks, CA (defunct)

aikido seminar and retreat trainings

Reverend Lawrence Koichi Barrish,

Sensei John Smartt, New School Aikido

Sensei Larry Reynosa

Bagua and Xin Yi (1996-present)

Bruce Frantzis, Fairfax, CA

Taijiquan (1995-present)

Yang style

Daniel Quincy, Sacramento, CA

Bill Chin, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Wu style

Bruce Frantzis, Fairfax, CA

Chen style

Malcolm Dean, San Francisco Hunyuan Taiji Academy, CA

Zhang Xue Xin and senior students, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Chen Zhonghua, Shandong, China

arts I have dabbled in a little

Shotokan Karate

Praying Mantis Kungfu

Brazilian and Japanese Jujitsu

other teachers and influences

Peter Ralston, Oakland, CA

George Xu, San Francisco, CA