The Full Hong Practical Method Yilu and my Feng 24x Chen Taiji

Sorry about the background noise. This footage is unedited and includes the beginning where I set up my phones to record everything.

I try to perform my Hong Form as close to as what was taught to me in Shangdong, but my art/creativity/spontaneity causes me to add repetitions (make work) or make a unique movement. The Hong Yilu is meant to be done rapidly, or fairly quickly, in order to condense it to five to six minutes.

This is the only logical explanation for the apocryphal stories we hear about Chen Fake performing thirty yilus daily (bearing in mind that Chinese culture sometimes lovingly embellishes their heroes accomplishments). While there I had my Cannon Fist form assisted by a young man who once performed over one hundred Yilus in one sitting with breaks for water.

I have only the highest regard for the gongfu instruction at Da Ching Shen under Master Chen and Master Sun. The Chinese Tui Shou (push hands) is vastly higher quality and more challenging than here in the states. It can be likened to Stand Up Wrestling where hard throws, sweeps, and trips are allowed. Usually, they are not allowed in much of American push hands.

My intention is teach my Feng 24x, but I wish Master Chen and his disciples the best in their practice and teaching ventures. I will always love and practice the Hong Yilu, but in time it will drift a bit, because of my Feng Hunyuan Chen taijiquan overlap. It will become more spontaneous and you will see more Feng-like and Zhang-like moves creep into my Hong form.

However, if you watch my Feng 24x (yes X is for experimental), you may see some Hong-like movements creep into my Hunyuan Method.

Thank you for watching.


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