Big Bang Taiji


Hi there. My name is Jane Alexander, author, artist, and sometimes activist. Welcome to my  blog.

It has been said that people write passionately and positively about the things they like and love. This is a blog about some things I enjoy learning, practicing and talking about.

Taijiquan. (Tai Chi Chuan) and associated topics such as Nei Gong, TCM theory, Qi Gong healing and Taoist meditation. The dedicated practice of taiji, qigong and meditation helped me through some dark times, and healed many wounds, physical, emotional, and mental.

Astronomy. A love for which I have had since my earliest memories. As a science, astronomy is currently enjoying a Golden Age, and it is very exciting to witness and discuss.

Psychology. A deeply personal and ever-fascinating subject I have been studying both in, but mostly out of college for over twenty years. My first book, a memoir, is partly about the intersection of psychology and self-healing, through mind-body practices like qigong and meditation.

Big Bang Taiji refers to both the Hunyuan branch of Chen style Taijiquan that I practice, as well as my interest in astronomy.  It speaks to the meaning of Taiji, as well as Taoist Cosmology, and the birth and growth of my own personal practice. Taiji is a mind-body discipline, and the subject of the nature of the mind, it’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses is one avenue through which psychology comes into play.


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