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Bodies of the Heavens, cosmological phenomenon I have seen in my lifetime

I’ve been very fortunate to witness quite a few astronomical/cosmological phenomenon in my life. The first major, massive space phenomena, was witnessing Comet Hale-Bopp in the skies above Sacramento, April of 1997. Absolutely amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime event. The next … Continue reading

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Tai Chi Chuan energy absorbing

Experimental tai chi: “Stealing The Fire From Adam” alternately, “Stealing The Breath From Man”. Many taiji masters love showing Yang energy bursts, called “Fajin”. This video demonstrates Yin energy absorbing – the other side of the Yin/Yang taiji symbol. Several of … Continue reading

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Kiajitsu – the art of striking with Voice or Vocal Fajin (energy projection)

Sirens and shockwaves. Years of tai chi chuan breath and posture training allow for “kiai-jutsu” the art of striking using the voice, plus i like singing

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Chen style taiji practice: Hong Yilu and Feng 24x

Practice sessions, August 2015. One each full performance of the Chen style taiji Practical Method, Hong Yilu, and the Chen style Feng 24x.

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Training Traditional Taiji

Yesterday I achieved my first 30 repetitions of taiji (tai chi) with twelve of them being slow forms, and eighteen of them being fast forms. Today, I ground out of my first set of fast Chen forms, fifteen total. After … Continue reading

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Taijiquan: The Supreme Ultimate

As I understand it, the most widely recognized and accepted Western definition of taijiquan/tai chi chuan is “The Supreme Ultimate”. You can interpret that loosely as “Tai Chi: The Best of the Best”, or perhaps “Tai Chi: The Most Massively … Continue reading

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Ontology for Beginners: How to Reality Check Your Existence

When I studied with Peter Ralson in the late ’90s, he introduced me to an idea that I had never heard of before: Ontology, the study of Being. He recommended learning and internalizing ontological concepts by developing and using your … Continue reading

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