Bodies of the Heavens, cosmological phenomenon I have seen in my lifetime


I’ve been very fortunate to witness quite a few astronomical/cosmological phenomenon in my life.

The first major, massive space phenomena, was witnessing Comet Hale-Bopp in the skies above Sacramento, April of 1997. Absolutely amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The next big event, was one of my own. In my book, I described birthing a tiny tiny little star of light/love/hope in my heart. That star ignited at the end of the year 2000.

Flash-forward twelve years, and I witnessed The Transit of Venus as the second planet, Venus, passed in front of the face of our Sun, in 2012


In February of 2013, I recorded a lovely evening sunset, February 17, 2013, the night of a near-Earth asteroid flyby.

In July of 2014, during a trip to Sacramento, and while parked in a large mall parking lot, I witnessed a super rare event, the first of Three Super Moons. I personally saw a reddish/orange massive moonrise, dubbed a “blood moon”.


In August 0f 2014, while at home in San Francisco, I observed the second Super Full Moon from the balcony of the apartment.

In September of 2014, I witnessed from several points around San Francisco,  the Third Super Full Moon.

In October of 2014, while in the Castro District of San Francisco, in the early hours before dawn, I witnessed a full Lunar Eclipse.

In the last two years, I was also fortunate enough to observe two three major meteorites. Each flashed through part of the visible color spectrum, coming in green in hue, and burning towards pink before they winked out.

The first I saw at my home last year, late summer (2014) in the predawn hours, while skywatching on my balconey. The second, was late in the evening, also in late summer (2015) and I saw a similar meteorite, almost blueish, then green, then pink, from Highlands Cemetery.

12-12-2015 update: at roughly 6:00 am, while having a cup of coffee and waiting and watching for the sunrise, I witnessed another big bright green meteorite pass across the face of the planet Venus. One of the Geminids, I think.

And the last night I was at Highlands Cemetery, two stars exploded over my head after dark.

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Tai Chi Chuan energy absorbing

Experimental tai chi: “Stealing The Fire From Adam” alternately, “Stealing The Breath From Man”.

Many taiji masters love showing Yang energy bursts, called “Fajin”. This video demonstrates Yin energy absorbing – the other side of the Yin/Yang taiji symbol.

Several of the The Thirteen Classics are demonstrated here, including:

One Part Moves, All Parts Move. One Part Stops All Parts Stop,

The Energy Must Be Smooth And Continuous – from posture to posture there can be no breaks.

The coiling of energy is like the twisting/reeling of silk.

If you pay close attention, you will see the tai chi whip, the coiling, then coiling out of energy from the lower dan tien, and “hidden fajin” or energy projection that appears and disappears seamlessly throughout the form.

Guang Rou Hsiang Ji, hard energy and soft energy seamlessly combine and separate.

The top video explains the energy drain technique briefly, and shows specific examples at the end of the clip. The bottom video is the first 2/3 of the form, with the energy absorbs done clearly, but without explanation.

After you watch the first video demoing “Stealing The Fire From Adam”, watch the bottom video and see if you can spot the energy absorbs as I play the form.

Thanks for watching.

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Kiajitsu – the art of striking with Voice or Vocal Fajin (energy projection)

Sirens and shockwaves. Years of tai chi chuan breath and posture training
allow for “kiai-jutsu” the art of striking using the voice,
plus i like singing

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Chen style taiji practice: Hong Yilu and Feng 24x

Practice sessions, August 2015. One each full performance of the Chen style taiji Practical Method, Hong Yilu, and the Chen style Feng 24x.

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Training Traditional Taiji


Yesterday I achieved my first 30 repetitions of taiji (tai chi) with twelve of them being slow forms, and eighteen of them being fast forms.

Today, I ground out of my first set of fast Chen forms, fifteen total. After a six hour rest for recharging, resting, refueling, I am off to grind out another fifteen Chen fast forms.

I do not perceive the need to do more than 180 minutes of high-speed Chen style Yilu beyond the 30 daily ascribed to Chen Fake. However I may supplement this routine with qigong sets, standing post training, Hsin I San Ti, or Ba Gua.

Having said that, I do think that 3o sets of Chen style, six days a week is an adequate dedication/devotion to internal martial arts, and I will happy to be able to maintain that intensity and see where it takes me.

My form is never the same twice in a row now. Ever since I made my own internal great leap last year, my energy erupts into spontaneous fajin anywhere in my body once my internal engine is spun up to spec.

Every time I begin the commencement of taiji and play Yilu, I am giving form/expression/birth to a unique energy that, once my hands move to the conclusion/close up, ends, never to be repeated exactly again.

At last, I am training as close to Chen Fake’s method as I can. Thanks for reading.

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

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Taijiquan: The Supreme Ultimate

As I understand it, the most widely recognized and accepted Western definition of taijiquan/tai chi chuan is “The Supreme Ultimate”.

You can interpret that loosely as “Tai Chi: The Best of the Best”, or perhaps “Tai Chi: The Most Massively Amazing Thing Ever” and even, “Tai Chi: A Whole Lot of Awesome Amazingness”. You can cut that down short to simply, “Tai Chi: Massive Awesome”.

That is a pretty bold statement to make about a martial art, I daresay.

(linguistics tip): tai chi: pronounced, “Tie-Jee” and uttered quickly “TieJdgee”)

As a prospective student, or a someone who has been practicing for a few months or years, what is the point of your training? What do you hope to accomplish? What do you think it is you are practicing?

The image of tai chi that the average European/American has of the practice itself, may be that of an elderly or senior Chinese or Western practitioner, moving slowly, deliberately, methodically, and mindfully, through a Yang style, or Wu style short or long form.

I am going to lay out my own spin on this and it will depart somewhat from what most people think of as Tai Chi in the West.

The origin of modern tai chi, as best we can tell, is mostly likely Shaolin Kungfu. When we think of Shaolin, we often conjure images of young bald monks doing hundreds of jumping kicks or punching into buckets of sand, or doing forms over “Plum Flower Pillars”, wooden posts that have been driven into the ground at varying heights. To say that traditional Shaolin is very physically demanding and creates fantastic athleticism, is an understatement.

Yet when we see Shaolin Animal Forms in action, we generally see fast and hard movements, or fast and soft movements mixed together. Rarely, except in romanticized Kungfu movies, do we see a “purely soft” Shaolin fighter, but in some dramas between martial arts communities, a Shaolin Monk is sometimes bested by a Taoist Priest from a nearby village or mountain retreat.

The Taoist is often portrayed as having relaxed, effortless, spontaneous, even formless gongfu, and in possession of certain abilities, like “Soft Palm Dim Mak” or pressure point mastery (Chin Na) or amazing neutralizing skill, able to keep a Shaolin Fist and Foot Master confounded and frustrated. When the move calls for it, we see an effortless strike by the meditation master, have the effect on their opponent, of being hit with a very hard, extremely Yang, energetic force, that causes their opponent sudden crippling injuries, or causes them to simply “fly away” as though caught by gust of wind, or a tidal wave that literally moves them from point A to point B in space, seemingly from out of nowhere.

The take away from that, is that an energy master, a meditation and martial arts master, a Taoist fighter, or old, wizened Shaolin Elders with decades of intermixing the soft aspects of Shaolin Kungfu has command of both a soft, relaxed, flowing power, as well as a firm, forceful, hard power. It is the sudden interchange between a relaxed, soft energy movement, suddenly transforming or remodulating or manifesting as an unbelievably hard energy force – and it is that hard force energy that is usually the cause of deep bruises, internal organ injuries (Bas Ruten’s infamous liver punch) and broken bones.

If you practice Wu or Yang and even, I have noticed, Chen style taiji, and you only focus on the soft aspects, you are only getting half of the Tai Ji. Allow me to use an icon to illustrate.

Yin Yang Device

Yin Yang Device

The Taiji device, is usually the Yin/Yang symbol, sometimes with a small dot of the opposite power inside the larger power. By practicing only ever in a soft, relaxed manner, you only really grow the “tai chi grace”. You cultivate softness, and relaxation, yes, and this is good even great, for everyone, no doubt about it.

For Westerners with ingrained, habitual tension in their muscles, tissues, and body language, it is probably for the best to train as though you were a brittle elderly person gingerly moving about, gently, cautiously, with “listening attentively to your internal being” intention – trying to rebuild their body to enjoy their remaining time on earth – regardless of how old you are. That goes for a twenty year old, to an eighty year old practitioner.

That is what I did in my early twenties, and it was tremendously healing, and gave me a greater facility at “Ting Chin” or “Listening Energy”, as well as deeply relaxing my body, from my outer skin and muscles, to the deep tendons and soft tissues that wrap, bind, and support our skeletal bones and postures.

It is how one develops “soft aliveness” and “Yielding Power” or what i call, submission power. The ability to allow someone to invade, press, or compress on you or into you, and you allow that force, that pressure, that compression to compress you, move into you, and you absorb it. You can allow that force, to “stack” your body tissues and bone structure and joints, compressing you into a spring, that can instantly project force back the way it came. Alternately, you wrap their force around inside you, and issue the force like a solar flare arcing out from the surface of the sun, or the lash of a coiled whip.

That is pretty advanced kungfu/gongfu, and it only comes from being able to sense incoming force, accept it, absorb it, and redirect, reflect, or release it in different ways. It is dependent on you becoming very aware, very sensitive, and very relaxed, possessing “sung energy” while maintaining outward expanding or stretching body movements or alignments called “peng energy”. So from extreme “sung” we can absorb, then emit “peng”, often called the “mother” of all the taiji energies. Once you have sung, and peng, everything is else is permutation.

Some teachers would opine, from that description alone, that all you need is to train softness and relaxation. They may state, or quote another teacher, or a book authored by a tai chi expert or master, and basically repeat that one teacher’s particular point or perspective. So, in convos I have had with some of my older taichi brothers, usually, middle-aged or old men who were influenced by Chen Man Ching’s Yang style when he came to New York in the 70s, and they would state the defining trait of taichi, and the power you are training is “soft energy” and they would be correct, in my opinion, and experience, but only up to a point.

During my twenties, I studied bagua zhang, hsin i and taiji with Bruce Frantzis, a man who not only spoke Chinese, and lived in China tracking down “The Greats” and getting them to divulge their tips, secrets, or practical advice, but whom had also studied with a variety of taiji masters, had this to say about becoming a “complete” taiji boxer:

Gang Rou Hsiang Ji – hard and soft seamlessly combine

Tai chi, on the other hand, has to fulfill not one or two, but three agendas. First, its speciality, the “soft” energy of Roll Back; second, its “hard” internal projecting powers, including Ward Off, Press Forward, and Split; and third, the complex agenda of seamlessly melding the two, called in tai chi classics gang rou hsiang ji or “hard and soft combine together”. – Bruce Frantzis

During my trip to China for a few months to learn the Hong Practical Method Chen Yilu from Masters Chen Zhonghua and Sun, I kept the bulk of my training experience to myself, and after engaging Master Chen Zhonghua in simple Tui Shou push hands exercises, I noticed immediately that he was not shy about projecting hard, fast, forceful energies from his hands, forearms, elbows, shoulders, waist, thighs and lower legs. I recognized this is a higher level taiji, instantly, as I had built up “hard” yang energy from doing Hsin I San Ti and The Five Element Fists, and “radiating” yang “heaven” energy Bagua Single Palm Change.

I asked him very humbly, and as politely/respectfully/inquisitively as I could, as a foreigner to China, a student at Da Ching Shan, and a Chen-style devotee, to explain the meaning or intent of Master Chen’s hard energy, his forceful-feeling fajin, and his “dynamic” for lack of a better word, taiji change – from soft, to hard, to soft, to hard, to soft again.

I believe it was for the purpose of invalidating every single push hands practitioner in the United States, that I asked him to confirm that “hard energy” “yang extension” and “force” was supposed to be deliberately trained and practiced between two push hands wrestling players.

His answer was pretty simply stated, as ‘That is what makes taiji, The Supreme Ultimate. Yin and Yang. Soft, and Hard. Combine, and separate.”

I didn’t actually record him saying that, and it was two years ago, but I am positive if you asked him, he would most likely say the same thing again and again, perhaps differently worded.

The takeaway from this experience training in Shangdong is that, I had my training methodology set properly in my 20s, by Bruce Frantzis, and eighteen years later, I had it confirmed by a Chen style master who is part of Chen Fake’s lineage through two masters: Feng Zhiqiang, and Hong Junsheng, both of whom can be seen demonstrating a taiji that flows from soft to hard constantly.

Two year after that, I made my Big Bang Breakthrough, by merging my BaGua spiraling neigong, to my TaiJi spiraling neigong, and unleashed a whirlwind inside me.

I adore and respect and understand the most common taiji device, but between you and I, the taiji diagram that best illuminates or depicts what my taiji (and bagua)  is, is this symbol here:


Taiji Spiral Device

Please note the similarities:

Spiral Galaxy M81 with super-massive black hole

Spiral Galaxy M81 with super-massive black hole

matter and energy spiral around event horizon of Cygnus XR-1

matter and energy spiral around event horizon of Cygnus X-1

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Ontology for Beginners: How to Reality Check Your Existence

When I studied with Peter Ralson in the late ’90s, he introduced me to an idea that I had never heard of before: Ontology, the study of Being. He recommended learning and internalizing ontological concepts by developing and using your sensing/feeling/awareness to determine what is really real.

It turned out, I already had a basic grasp of ontology, from an early age.

Debunking Santa Claus

My parents taught me as a child, that on Christmas Eve, a jolly fat man in a red and white suit, landed on our roof with a magical sleigh and flying reindeer.

From there, he morphed into a skinny guy, slide down the chimney, and emerged from the fireplace, re-morphed into a jolly fat man, bearing a satchel filled with gifts and presents and stocking stuffers.


Then, he ate some cookies, and milk. Checked his list of who was naughty and nice, and bestowed gifts under a Christmas Tree, and then, departed the way he came. His enormous, presents-filled sack, was also effected by his Santa Enchantment Magic. Then he mounted his sleigh, and flew off to the next house on his rounds.

I loved Santa Claus. So much so, that one day, around the age of eight, maybe nine, I decided that I had to see him, with my own eyes, even if just a peek through the crack in my door.

So, using a flashlight, I hid under my covers and forced myself to stay awake all Christmas Eve, reading books.

Then, I heard him! Or something. Movement, in the house. Thumps and sounds.

“He is here!” I thought jubilantly.

I crept out of bed stealthily, and cracked my bedroom door to, at long last, catch a glimpse of the Magic Man Himself.

I found my parents dragging out presents from their bedroom where they had squirreled them away and wrapped them behind closed doors the evenings prior.

Total shock and instant sense of betrayal. I closed my door, and cried.

There was never any Santa Claus of Magic, and my parents thought I was so stupid, I would just go on believing this.

That was my first ontological experiment.

Debunking The Bible and Christianity

I separated Real from False, Imagination, from Actuality, Fantasy, fiction and fact. Delusion and Ontological Reality.

I rid myself of a fantastical delusion my poor naive and innocent child-brain had absorbed and been programmed with, into my developing neuron-web of brain cells and dendrites and axons and gluons.

I unlearned, what I had learned, and my brain neuron web was corrected, free of my delusional thinking.

From there, I wondered, (reasonably) what else my parents were teaching and programming into me, that did not actually check out, when you tested the facts.

The Bible has The Seven Deadly Sins, The Ten Commandments, and Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

Yet, my parents, siblings, teachers, school peers, psychiatrists and psych-ia-trick nurses all demonstrated a failure to understand simple Bible precepts, like, God loves us all. We are all perfect in the Eyes of God.

So why poison my pubescent and developing brain, organs, glands, hormones, and central nervous system with an early death-sentence assured by a diagnosis of Manic Depression, controlled by neuro-toxic litihum and Trilafondle, unless they didn’t actually believe in The Golden Mean, and concepts like: We are perfect, children of God, made perfect, in His Own Image.


Something didn’t add up.

So the next ontological experiment I performed, was to reality-check God, The Bible, my priests and parents and my Catholic Catechism Doctrination.

The Bible contains an Ancient Formula for instantly summoning The Fallen Angel, Lucifer (which means Lightbringer, Dawnstar, Morning Star, and Enlightener):

“The Devil Always Comes When You Call”

(Trilafondle=Trilafon=Try La Fon=Try The Phone)

After I killed myself in my closet in my cell at State-run and taxpayer-funded Tobey School on Concord State Hospital grounds, I was reborn, and reawakened.

The next day, I decided to do the unthinkable: Call Satan personally.

Using my witchcraft knowledge I gained after declaring atheism to my parents at the dinner table and their prompt ritual exorcism on me for my heresy, I placed my call.

At around midnight, I got up, and drew a large pentagram on the floor of my cell, and after completing the pentagram, I drew a circle around it.

Then, I scratched my wrist against the rough edges of my prison bed, to bleed.

Then, I dripped this blood onto the floor of my magic circle

Then, I sat in the center of my Pentagram, and prayed to Lucifer to possess me.

According to the Bible, the summons would absolutely work, instantly.

Two months later, I was out of my State Psychiatric Cell, and in a Foster Home.

I continued to develop my spiritual and occult abilities.

Debunking American Psychiatry and Grohol and Jamison’s Modern Mengele Medicine

At age twenty-five, after a three week intensive self-retreat, I performed another ritual that I discussed in my previous post, The Three Passes, after meticulously weaving a shadow-web of dark energy all throughout my Being to prevent demonic spirits or dead souls from moving around in me, undetected.

It turned out, I was never possessed by spirits, ghosts, demons, or Satan/Lucifer.

The devil and the priest can’t exist if one goes away. The Force of the Devil is what we are all told to fear. Watch out for religion when he (the priest) gets too near. – Black Sabbath, “Born Again”

I also, birthed a Star of Light in my Heart Chakra which illuminated my Being from within, and in all humility, with my long curly hair and pale features combined with my slow starvation, I looked in the mirror, and saw a Being who looked like a Botticelli Angel of Heaven.

I was healed. I had total self-love. And I knew, I was immune from The Four Sicknesses of Man, described by Buddha.

The Four Sicknesses of Man, the suffering that keeps people from being Enlightened, is the same suffering that has been broken down into a Nosological Diagnostic Protocol, called the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for psychologists and psychiatrists).

The treatment for mental and emotional suffering is to be first, diagnosed with an incurable genetic chemical imbalance, and then, to be medicated for life with drugs like Zooloft, kidney-and-thyroid-hurting lithium, twitch-causing Lamictal, and brain and CNS damaging Trilafondle.

My Ontological Exploration and Discovery, cured me of the God Delusion, and Psychiatry, in one smooth movement.

If you follow the Biblical procedure that auto-summons Lucifer into your life, and it doesn’t work, that means Satan isn’t real. If Satan isn’t real, it means God can’t be real.

Likewise, if you violate your diagnosis and treatment plan, quit taking your medications prescribed by your psychiatrist, and use meditation like Buddha did, to uncover, and then heal yourself, of the Four Sickness of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Suffering, it means…

Psychiatry is fake bullshit.

How to get a fake scientific mental illness diagnosis and get put on mind-heart-body dis-integrating medicine, for life

How to pass any psych exam:

remember, Bellevue Hospital pulled the funding for their experimental Tai Chi Chuan program, after clinically observing that both patients and nursing staff felt improved mood and thought function practicing tai chi – in favor of using overlapping toxic psychiatric medicine.

Meaning what? Bellevue Hospital and Concord State Hospital, are not in the business of healing you, at all. It is totally transparent and obvious to anyone without a psych med-damaged brain, or who does not constantly live in a dissociative fugue state of total cognitive dissonance, twenty-four seven.

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