Reflections on the one-year anniversary of Feng Zhiqiang’s passing.

FengDear Master Feng,

It has been one year since you passed beyond this life. I hope things are going well for you, wherever you are now. You don’t know me, and we never met while you were alive, but your life has inspired me greatly, after the fact.

Although I had heard about you before, you were never on my radar, because I had spent most of the last fifteen years, focused mainly on Yang and Wu style taiji. It is kind of ironic, that the month you died, I discovered your works; namely the Hunyuan Chen system.

The timing of your passing coincided with my desire to seek out Chen style instruction. Since your death, I have watched videos of your performances of taiji hundreds and hundreds of times. I start every day, by watching a video of you, and then going out and practicing.

Verily I say, that had I had the chance, I would have wanted to be your disciple. But I found you a month, or a year, or a decade too late, for that. Having lost that opportunity before I knew that I wanted it, I use your videos and study with your disciples, and disciples of your disciples.

Two months after you moved on, I had learned the Hunyuan 24 Yilu. As of today, twelve months to the day of your leaving, I have learned the last few movements of the full Hunyuan 83 Yilu long form, and the 48. This morning, on the one year anniversary of your passing, I dedicate my first ten 24 Yilus of the day, to you.

Jane Alexander


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Ms. Alexander. author, activist, artist
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2 Responses to Reflections on the one-year anniversary of Feng Zhiqiang’s passing.

  1. Malcolm Dean says:

    He would have appreciated your words — and even more, your practice. As Master Zhang would say “Keep going!”

    Enjoy your trip to China this summer to work with Chen Zhonghua, and keep us up to date on your travel.

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