Green Dragon Emerges From Water


This posture is one of my favorites. in Chen Taiji. It is called Green Dragon Emerges From Water. When done correctly, it emulates the coil in and coil out effects of gravity, orbital slingshotting, and compression/whip-snap energy release in an outer or inner direction, depending on internal intent. Meaning you can FaJin, project force outward/away. Or, you can swirl and twist energy to slowly or rapidly contract around you.

This kind of energy potential to coil in or out in calm suspension or soft tension is also known as Jade Serpent Wraps Around Itself.

Like a cobra, viper or anaconda poised to lash outward like a “Z” or swirl and slide around the opposition and literally drain its energy by smothering its vibrations. Like screaming, writhing, or even breathing. Then she feeds.

Basic instincts at an energy level. Neuro-basal response lies under and powers the primal animal survival pattern. The person that can embody the animal aspects and their underlying energy principles. Such as a yang fighting style. Like wolves, rams, and wolf spiders or sharks. Or a Yin aspect like an octopus, sea urchin, praying mantis, pythons and black widow spiders.

This version of GDEFL is modeled after the Hunyuan rendition of the Chen Yilu. The same exact movement exists in the Hong version of the Chen Yilu. Both in my experience (or opinion), are meaningful. From the image stills of Chen Fa Ke, I feel as though the version I am doing may be closest to what Chen Fa Ke did. But really, no one alive truly knows.

As for myself, I am just trying to re-engineer Chen Fa Ka’s form and intent with all the clues available. Surely, if we visually analyze the movements of ChenYu, ChenZhonghua, LeiMuni, YangWenHu, and FengZhiQiang, there is a “shape”, or “form”, that is visible to a discerning eye. My personal training practice revolves around manifesting this “hidden shape” and less on being a near-perfect practicing copy of any one particular teacher’s shape of taiji gongfu.


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