Training Traditional Taiji


Yesterday I achieved my first 30 repetitions of taiji (tai chi) with twelve of them being slow forms, and eighteen of them being fast forms.

Today, I ground out of my first set of fast Chen forms, fifteen total. After a six hour rest for recharging, resting, refueling, I am off to grind out another fifteen Chen fast forms.

I do not perceive the need to do more than 180 minutes of high-speed Chen style Yilu beyond the 30 daily ascribed to Chen Fake. However I may supplement this routine with qigong sets, standing post training, Hsin I San Ti, or Ba Gua.

Having said that, I do think that 3o sets of Chen style, six days a week is an adequate dedication/devotion to internal martial arts, and I will happy to be able to maintain that intensity and see where it takes me.

My form is never the same twice in a row now. Ever since I made my own internal great leap last year, my energy erupts into spontaneous fajin anywhere in my body once my internal engine is spun up to spec.

Every time I begin the commencement of taiji and play Yilu, I am giving form/expression/birth to a unique energy that, once my hands move to the conclusion/close up, ends, never to be repeated exactly again.

At last, I am training as close to Chen Fake’s method as I can. Thanks for reading.

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

White Crane Spreads Its Wings


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