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Bodies of the Heavens, cosmological phenomenon I have seen in my lifetime

I’ve been very fortunate to witness quite a few astronomical/cosmological phenomenon in my life. The first major, massive space phenomena, was witnessing Comet Hale-Bopp in the skies above Sacramento, April of 1997. Absolutely amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime event. The next … Continue reading

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I have a whirlwind inside me

When I went to China, I asked several people that I thought might have some thoughts on a perplexing question I’ve had since I have been training in internal martial arts. Every teacher I have ever had in internal arts … Continue reading

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Another blog opening

Just a fun project on the side, I have created a blog called, “Black Cat Photography”. Really, it’s just a place to dump my cellphone images I’ve collected from all over San Francisco and the Bay Area in the past … Continue reading

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The Hunyuan Taiji 24-X

In the coming weeks I hope to begin posting videos of my taiji, which I have been working ceaselessly at improving. I broke my taiji this summer. Which is to say, at some point, I shattered my taiji form and … Continue reading

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