Feng 24X Chen-style Yilu Instruction Available

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

Contact me for *private lessons only. I offer one of two teaching trainings :

* Feng-style Hunyuan 24X Chen Yilu instruction

* Corrections and internal power instruction

You must demonstrate any tai chi form to me in person to validate your tai chi training background to recieve Feng 24X Yilu form training or Nei Gong methods to assist your current form practice.

A reference from your current or last internal arts teacher is helpful, but your form demo is all the background check I require.

$150/hour for Feng 24X Yilu form training.

$300/hour for advanced Nei Gong coaching to help your form practice grow and mature.

“Don’t follow a master. Become a master”

– some northeast coast bagua dragon


* Please note: I will never churn out certified instructors for my method, because I would never certify anyone who does not meet my standard. Nor will I ever take on disciples. I couldn’t bear to witness my disciples fail to train as hard as I do, from the Spirit Realm, while having my blessing to teach. Not on my watch. Not ever.


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